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Business Case Optimisation

ENTRAS takes care of business case analysis.

A business case analysis starts with a clear description of the scope: what are the project boundaries, which scenarios to analyze, what is the reference case, which parameters are to be studied?

In a second step, all relevant information needs to be gathered: process data, financial data, contract data, budget quotes, subsidy opportunities, …

When the project and scenarios are defined, the information will be used in the model construction. Such a model consists typically of a process model and a financial model. The model size depends on the number of parameters used to describe the model. Furthermore, certain parameters might require other models, a typical example are energy market prices.

Probabilistic parameters can be modeled using different tools: min/max hypotheses, definition of scenarios, Monte Carlo analysis etc.

A detailed financial modelling tool can be used to predict the optimal installation size for a given scenario. A result of such a calculation is shown in the figure.

ENTRAS has modelled business cases for energy projects for many customers – key is to combine specific knowledge with the model results. This leads to remarkable insights which drive the decision making process in client’s companies.

ENTRAS’s business case models have been used for investment decisions, for estimating risk premium and for comparison of quotations for complex energy projects.