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Contracting & Tendering

The success of an energy project is strongly influenced by the contract strategy. Examples of project contract strategies are EPC, EPC-M, ESCO etc. Project risks are also influenced by the contract strategy. The chosen contract strategy relates to availability and performance guarantees, and relates also to the O&M strategy. Advice on the contract strategy is available on request.

The contracting strategy has a strong influence on the tendering process. An example is the detail of the technical specification in the request for quotation: when a multicontract approach is chosen, the technical detail needs to be thorough; when a turnkey approach is chosen, a performance based technical description might be satisfactory.

A good tendering process is a prerequisite of a good project. Decisions during the tendering tend to have strong consequences on the project quality. ENTRAS offers assistance in the different phases of the tendering process for industrial energy projects.

Our analysis offers the advantage of independence: we have no links with manufacturing companies, service organisations or energy retail companies.

Our business case models and risk models are valuable tools during the tendering process.

ENTRAS’s portfolio of contracting and tendering projects includes CHP projects and CCGT projects. Our expert knowledge includes gas turbines, gas motors, biomass plants, steam turbines etc.