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Due diligence & acquisition support

If you are considering to acquire an energy asset, an energy business, or just want a second opinion on an energy business case, Entras can help you with a due diligence.

A sound due diligence on complex energy assets should cover 4 major fields:

1. Technical aspects, such as

  • technical design
  • technology risk considering an industrial setting
  • health and safety

2. Economics

  • business case modelling
  • project & business case risk

3. Strategy & Policy

  • strategic fit with the existing assets
  • impact of external parameters outside the owner’s control, i.e. changes in policy & regulatory framework, price developments, …

4. Management & Operations

  • integration with existing assets and operations
  • operation & maintenance approach and cost structure
  • operational risks

It is not easy to find an independent advisor in the energy business who is able cover all 4 fields in an integrated way. This is where Entras can make a difference.

Contact us if you would like to find out how.