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Energy Strategy

Energy is high up on the agenda these days.

The way corporations deal (or not) with their energy strategy has an impact on the traditional drivers of the company’s competitive edge.

  1. It influences the cost structure, potentially up to a significant extent.
  2. It is a potential differentiator towards stakeholders.

An actively implemented energy strategy is crucial to master the risks and opportunities stemming from the rapidly changing energy context.

There are some good energy management frameworks around like ISO 50001, which will help companies to measure, monitor, benchmark, communicate and improve their energy performance and carbon footprint.

At Entras, we offer following services which complement energy frameworks in order to achieve a duly implemented energy strategy:

  • A strategic view on energy related matters, connecting procurement, operations and finance processes
  • Technology insight for industrial applications
  • Program and project management and decision making support
  • Analysis and development of complex energy investments
  • Access to a network of professionals with distinct focus: measurement and verification, EMS and remote monitoring, big data, carbon footprinting, life cycle assessment, corporate social responsibility, …