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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies come in many forms.

Sometimes they are called pre-feasibility and require a time investment of only a few days, sometimes they are defined as an exhaustive analysis covering all aspects of a business case in greater depth.

A feasibility study can explore one solution in more detail, but for more complex cases there is often a conceptual design aspect required in order to assess and compare different approaches and solutions.

The format can be imposed by a regulatory framework like the “energie-beleidsovereenkomst” in Flanders or the “accord de branche” in Wallonia. But often the deliverable is not pre-defined and should merely suit the investors own needs.

What all feasibility studies have in common is that the outcome should lead to a GO / NO-GO decision before investing significant time and resources into further project development.

At Entras, we believe that a professional feasibility study should demonstrate following essential traits:

  1. It should be objective and unbiased, which is best assured if conducted by an independent party.
  2. It should be tailored to the needs of sound investment decision making.
  3. It should take a multi-disciplinary point of view and cover technical, economical, legal, financial and, often forgotten, operational aspects.
  4. A feasibility study should uncover the risks (and opportunities).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the appropriate way forward for your business case or management challenge at hand.