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Financial Advice

Energy projects are often capital intensive and thus require some form of financing, for which there are basically two options.

  • Internal funding: convince your CFO or board to allocate capex budget to your project
  • External funding: find external sources of capital, from equity to debt and anything in between

In any case, you need a solid business case model to forecast future cash flows related to the investment for different scenarios. In the case of 3th party financing, the deal has to be correctly structured and risk and returns have to be allocated to the most suitable parties. This structuring goes beyond the purely financial aspects and should also include the general contract setup.

At Entras, we can help you with the financial aspects of energy investments. We have hands-on experience with all relevant financial aspects, such as

  • structuring a third party equity investment
  • sourcing a corporate bank loan to re-finance an energy asset
  • building a financial model
  • preparing an investment approval file for the CFO or the board

We differentiate ourselves from purely financial advisors by never losing sight of the technical, operational and industrial aspects of the deal.

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