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Complex Industrial Cogeneration

Complex industrial cogeneration is characterized by a strong interdependency between the energy delivery system (including the CHP), the core process of the plant and the daily operations in the factory.

What is the impact of the CHP on existing steam and hot water cycles? Is there also a significant cold demand which might open an opportunity for a tri-generation application? How can we ensure industry-grade reliability of the energy system? How does the CHP fit into the daily operations and maintenance program of the local teams? How can you optimize your entire energy asset investment roadmap?

A holistic approach integrating all these interdependencies is a key element in order to develop a successful industrial cogeneration project. This is also reflected in the more complex modelling of the business case, which should be able to reflect the different impact factors in such an industrial setting.

The opportunities for complex cogeneration in an industrial setting are potentially far greater than more straightforward cogeneration projects, but so is the risk and complexity.

Entras has a proven track record in project development and decision making support for complex industrial cogeneration applications. At Entras, we thrive where complexity increases. Contact us to find out why.