Optimise your biogas installation and increase revenues while decreasing CO2 emissions with Biogee. We bring demand side response in practice.

Your biogas installation is state of the art, it is built to be future proof and as durable as possible. What if we tell you that we can make it even better?

Biogee is the optimisation/dispatch tool for biogas installations, made by ENTRAS. The tool is built for all kinds of biogas installations, being it by producing biogas from manure, food waste (GFT in Flanders), energy crops, sewage sludge or landfilling. It takes into account all possible valorisation routes of the biogas as available on your production site such as conversion into biomethane with or without injection into the gas grid, production of heat and power in a CHP, conversion to CNG for supplying your vehicles with biofuel, etc.

The core of the tool lies within our smart algorithms, where we combine our process models with technical and operational boundary conditions as well as economical market parameters. Arbitrating between markets, making use of your buffer capacity, taking into account your specific contracts and subsidy schemes… The Biogee tool does it all. The Biogee tool takes into account all relevant technical, operational, economical and legal parameters. Examples are the biogas storage constraints, ramp rates of the CHP, gas and electricity prices according to supplier contracts and many others. Subsidy schemes of different countries and regions are implemented, both for biomethane and green electricity (green power certificates, Labels de Garantie d’ Origine, SDE++, etc.)

The tool is an optimisation layer on top of your existing DCS system, currently steering your biogas plant. By smartly communicating with the DCS system as well as with the energy markets, the tool will come up with optimal setpoints. These are communicated to your DCS, which will then steer your assets accordingly, of course all within strict operational and safety boundaries. Did your digester feeding process had a hiccup? Or is the maintenance for your CHP planned for next week? No worries, as the tool can easily by switched on or off by your process operator.

Safely implemented in the cloud, the tool does not require any additional hardware on-site (assumed that your already have a DCS system which can setup a secured internet connection), making it easy to roll-out, maintain and control. A secured web interface dashboard allows you to follow-up the setpoints sent to your DCS and gives you insights into the extra profits you gained.

So how does this optimisation work in practice? We continuously monitor the electricity and gas markets and will define the right moments of electricity and/or biomethane injection. Did you know that prices on the electricity markets can fluctuate from day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute? Shifting your moments of injection, even for a short time, can make a large difference in market income. We combine the market data with data from your biogas production plant and apply our in-house developed algorithms using MILP to come up with optimal setpoints. All this is fully automated and rund continuously, with no manual interaction needed!

The Biogee tool is tuned to your specific biogas installation and optimises the day-to-day operation, increasing revenues.


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We worked with Entras from the development of our business case to the contracting of our asset.

Value creation is their leading principle, this during each phase of the project.

Bart Wouters

Chief Operating Officer, Prayon

In the rich, complex and changing domain of the Belgian electricity market, it is comforting to have the opportunity to rely on well aware and highly skilled people, able to demystify the numerous challenges and propose optimised and tailormade industrial solutions.

Pierre Clerbois

Manufacturing Excellence - Belgium Energy Country Manager, Inovyn

J’ai investi dans un système durable. J’étais ravi de pouvoir encore l’améliorer avec Biogee.

I invested in a durable system. I was delighted to make it even beter with Biogee.

Jérôme Breton

CEO, Biométhane du bois d’Arnelle (BBA)