Mission carbon zero

Making succesfull choices in energy transition.

Your vision is to go for net zero carbon emission, partnering with customers, suppliers and employees. But, you and your staff can’t see the wood for the trees…

It all boils down to making choices. What is the complete list of available options today, in 2030 and onwards, how do they fit for my purposes and how are they constrained ? What about the cost in an uncertain global energy market ? You need to make the best choices at the right time. That is complicated. Especially since there is much going on.

Entras has developped a dynamic process which takes as many of the parameters possible into consideration and supports you in making  succesfull decisions and executing them.

Complete list of current and future options fitting with the process, eliminate constraints and evaluate future costs

Support decision making with expert insights

Supporting program- and project management, business case analysis, grants,…

We worked with Entras from the development of our business case to the contracting of our asset.

Value creation is their leading principle, this during each phase of the project.

Bart Wouters

Chief Operating Officer, Prayon

In the rich, complex and changing domain of the Belgian electricity market, it is comforting to have the opportunity to rely on well aware and highly skilled people, able to demystify the numerous challenges and propose optimised and tailormade industrial solutions.

Pierre Clerbois

Manufacturing Excellence - Belgium Energy Country Manager, Inovyn

J’ai investi dans un système durable. J’étais ravi de pouvoir encore l’améliorer avec Biogee.

I invested in a durable system. I was delighted to make it even beter with Biogee.

Jérôme Breton

CEO, Biométhane du bois d’Arnelle (BBA)