Predict slow degradation of asset components. Using statistical analysis and AI to prevent exploding costs.

Statistical Process Control is widely used throughout the manufacturing industry. Applying it to power plants is slightly more challenging. Our approach resulted in an easy to set up tool, designed to predict failures in biomass power plants.

Some failures evolve too slowly for timely detection. Think of increasing friction of a valve spindle, bursts in instrumentation piping, or a controller drifting away. Our Statof tool predicts failures before alarms go off. This makes possible proper maintenance planning and prevents exploding costs related to irreversible damage.

Our analysis protocols are designed for biomass power plants. This allows a quick set up on any type of biomass power plant. We are also testing this tool on waste incineration plants with heat recuperation; results are expected soon.

The algorithms were developed with funding from the Flemisch agency of innovation and entrepreneurship (VLAIO). Patent pending.


A plethora of measured data makes it sometimes difficult to draw the right conclusions. By smart modelling of the data, combined with an understanding of the process, we detect trends that signify slow degradations and failures. In this way, valuable downtime can be prevented.

We worked with Entras from the development of our business case to the contracting of our asset.

Value creation is their leading principle, this during each phase of the project.

Bart Wouters

Chief Operating Officer, Prayon

In the rich, complex and changing domain of the Belgian electricity market, it is comforting to have the opportunity to rely on well aware and highly skilled people, able to demystify the numerous challenges and propose optimised and tailormade industrial solutions.

Pierre Clerbois

Manufacturing Excellence - Belgium Energy Country Manager, Inovyn

J’ai investi dans un système durable. J’étais ravi de pouvoir encore l’améliorer avec Biogee.

I invested in a durable system. I was delighted to make it even beter with Biogee.

Jérôme Breton

CEO, Biométhane du bois d’Arnelle (BBA)