Sootblow optimisation saves energy, money, and reduces CO2.
Sootblowing is inevitable, why not try to optimise it? Why not take in account
all elements and boil it back to one very simple tool with a huge impact

Sootblowing too early leads to a loss of steam and energy. Sootblowing too late leads to losses due to bad heat exchangers’ conditions. Optimising the timing of sootblowing solves the dilemma.

Optimisation of total costs means optimising the energy balance, while taking into account fuel costs and electricity or heat revenues. Our algorithms are based on a multi-dimensional real time optimisation. In addition, we developed a calculation method for real-time monitoring of heat exchanger efficiency.

The algorithms were developed with funding from the Flemisch agency of innovation and entrepreneurship (VLAIO). Patent granted.



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In the cloud
Sootblo is fully cloud based, secured and works with any technology. It runs as an independent service or as a plugin into your existing energy monitoring system.

Sootblo optimises your installation based on internal and external parameters like accurate and localised weather predictions and real time market information, with customer specific load and process parameters.

Our Sootblo software is designed for small to medium scale biomass combustion plants (1 to 50 MW), which produce either electricity, heat or both.

Control system
Our service integrates easily into existing PLC, DCS or SCADA systems already installed, which keeps full control over the local installation.

Open communication protocols are used to make the optimised settings available.

Optimisation always yields benefits. Sootblo harvests the opportunities in a highly flexible energy market, while delivering a continuous evaluation of heat exchanger fouling.

By optimising the the sootblow sequence and monitoring fouling processes, the effciency of the power plant is kept high. Sootblo helps you to optimise fuel use and CO2 emissions.

Sootblo helps your organisation to achieve your carbon
and sustainibility goals and accelerates your energy transition.

By means of a detailed heat- and mass balance of the installation, we derive the costs for the energy lost through inefficient heat exchangers. By comparing these costs with the cost of performing a sootblow, an optimum timing for sootblowing is proposed.

We worked with Entras from the development of our business case to the contracting of our asset.

Value creation is their leading principle, this during each phase of the project.

Bart Wouters

Chief Operating Officer, Prayon

In the rich, complex and changing domain of the Belgian electricity market, it is comforting to have the opportunity to rely on well aware and highly skilled people, able to demystify the numerous challenges and propose optimised and tailormade industrial solutions.

Pierre Clerbois

Manufacturing Excellence - Belgium Energy Country Manager, Inovyn

J’ai investi dans un système durable. J’étais ravi de pouvoir encore l’améliorer avec Biogee.

I invested in a durable system. I was delighted to make it even beter with Biogee.

Jérôme Breton

CEO, Biométhane du bois d’Arnelle (BBA)