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Energy Transition

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Entras is a project architect

Entras is an independent project architect and strategic advisor in the field of Energy.

Entras stands for ‘Energy Transition Services’. It is our aim to enable complex energy projects. We support decision making by developing models to assess energy costs, profitability and risk. We strongly believe that the combination of our technical, financial and strategic know-how makes the difference.

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Entras develops models and tools for asset dispatching and predictive maintenance to support decision making and to optimize operations of energy assets, based on data science, forecasting and optimisation techniques.

Our projects involve electrolysers, power-to-X, power plants, cogeneration units, biogas production, process optimisation in food / chemistry / retail / utilities sectors etc. We participate in funded academic programs.

Entras wants to expand its team with flexible and creative spirits, passionate about energy and industry.

Original solutions are the result of understanding project drivers, sound project analysis and strong team work.
We are looking for people mastering these unique abilities.

Purpose of the job

As R&D specialist, you are a key member of our project team. You will participate in every phase of the project development:

  • Take part in managing and executing research and development in the area of energy flexibility and energy transition for energy-intensive industries
  • Initial discussions with clients to understand the project
  • Investigation to define project boundaries
  • Development of physical and economical algorithms and models
  • Spot business opportunities
  • Deliver project on time & budget
  • Report at executive level

Furthermore, you will take part in our product development activities. These activities involve the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in energy intensive industries.

Competences and skills

  • Be fit to work in an energizing work environment
  • Personal integrity, you live and work according to high ethical standards
  • Information processing (mountains of information!)
  • See the big picture
  • Any (not all!) of the following: data science, AI, computer science, energy, engineering, mathematics, physics, bio-engineering, finance, economics, energy markets, statistics,
  • We are not looking for a specific degree; convince us that you are able to contribute value
  • Open to acquire knowledge in any domain


At Entras we are all highly team-oriented. Development of personal strengths is essential for our success. Project team organisation needs to match the project at hand. Expertise will be hired when required.

Every team member works autonomously. Our work methods are extremely lean. Any improvement idea is welcome.

Work Environment

Our way of working supports work-life balance. We are organised to work anywhere: at home or in our flex office. We are open to contract flex offices in any location to support our teams.

Our IT set-up and communication methods support working together at a distance.

Entras offers

  • A highly motivating working environment
  • A participative culture
  • Fostering learning, including personal development
  • High diversity projects, demanding and enriching
  • Support in developing business opportunities

Hiring process

  • Check us out at
  • When you like our approach, please contact or Mobile +32494708474
  • If we like your approach, we’ll schedule a meeting
  • The assessment involves the following elements:
    • On-line personal tests (1 to 2 hours, at your home)
    • 1 or 2 cases. We make an appointment, and we will send you a case at, say, 10:00 and you send us your insights, creative ideas and analysis 8 hours later (at your home, no need to come to us)
    • You will always receive our feedback
  • If feedback is positive, we will discuss all contractual arrangements and then it’s up to you to decide!