Early failure detection for biomass power plants

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The conversion of biomass waste to energy is an important link in the efficient generation of electricity and the reduction of CO2 emissions. However, the varying quality of the waste streams can have an impact on the stability of operation. While changing operation conditions are actually quite normal, they may make it difficult to detect problems with components.
Entras and Canguru, two young and innovative Belgian consulting companies, have joined forces to develop an advanced performance monitoring application for small scale biomass power plants. The application is based on the long-known principles of statistical process control (SPC). The application of SPC to a complicated process based on biomass with variable fuel characteristics brings about several problems. The tool created by Canguru/Entras meets these challenges in an interactive and engaging visual interface.
The added value of the tool has been demonstrated by the successful identification of process control issues, in several cases well before the actual failure of a component. The application can be of value to improve the predictive maintenance strategies for a power plant, resulting in increased availability and performance, and by consequence, improved profitability of the assets.


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