We cooperate with the academic world and support research. We joined forces with the KULeuven Technology Campus De Nayer, which resulted in a master thesis on CHP modelling, published in 2016 & written by Scott Van Wetter. Prof. Filip Logist acted as promotor, and Frank Alaerts as external promotor.

Here is the abstract:

Combined heat and power installations (CHP) produce steam and electrical power simultaneously. CHP save primary energy and reduce emissions of pollutants. Today, the operation of this type of installations is not always optimised. In this Master thesis an overview will be given of various techniques to optimise the operations of energy production units at lowest achievable costs; this includes simultaneous optimisation of heat production, electricity production, energy purchases, emissions etc. within set boundary conditions. 

Production units (CHP, back-up boilers and steam turbine) are modelled using system identification techniques like artificial neural networks in MATLAB. The objective is to integrate mathematical modelling techniques and economic evaluations: the total cost function is optimised using non-linear programming tools. The optimisation is performed for 8 different setups. The result is a unit commitment schedule for the near future. The conclusions summarize the method and results, and offer insights in the feasibility of different modelling techniques. 

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