Purpose of the job

The Business Advisor is a key member of the project team. He will participate in every phase of the project development:

  • Initial discussions with clients to understand the project
  • Investigation to define project boundaries
  • Brainstorm to determine project alternatives
  • High level technical analysis
  • High level financial analysis
  • Construction of the risk model
  • Decision impact analysis

ENTRAS is a decision architect

ENTRAS is a decision architect. We develop energy projects for energy-intensive businesses. ENTRAS stands for ENergy TRAnsition Services. Our projects involve power plants, cogeneration units, process optimisation in food / chemistry / retail / utilities sectors, power-to-gas projects etc. Our core business is to assess project risks. Decision making is about hedging risks – that’s our strength.

ENTRAS connects technology with economics and integrates strategy and policy aspects. As most energy assets are complex and are operated for many years, we never lose sight of the operational aspects.

ENTRAS wants to expand its team. Core personal strengths are flexibility and creativity. Original solutions are the result of understanding project drivers and sound project analysis. We are looking for people mastering this unique ability.


ENTRAS is highly team-oriented. Development of personal strengths is essential for our success. Project team organisation needs to match the project at hand. Expertise will be hired when required.

Every team member works autonomously. Our work methods are extremely lean. Any improvement idea is welcome.

Work Environment

Our way of working supports work-life balance. We are organised to work anywhere: at home or in our flex office. We are open to contract flex offices in any location to support our teams.

Our IT set-up and communication methods support working together at a distance.


Every project brings different responsibilities.

Current projects involve:

  • Assessing Operations and Maintenance of a power plant (CCGT) in the frame of an acquisition of existing assets. ENTRAS delivers insights and structure to the decisions at hand. Key competencies involve:
    • Process information in a short time
    • Define project drivers
    • Share insights with client’s decision makers
    • Technical aspects: CCGT, operations and maintenance
    • Financial aspects: contracts, business case analysis, valuation
  • Assessing organisational transition of a power plant. The client needs advice regarding taking over plant operations. Key competencies involve:
    • Process information in a short time
    • Define project drivers
    • Share insights with client’s decision makers
    • Technical aspects: Training program, human resources set-up, business analysis, operations management
    • Financial aspects: contracts
  • Feasibility studies for complex cogeneration projects. Key competencies involve:
    • Analysis plant energy system
    • Determine plant requirements
    • Analyse options
    • Develop risk and financial models
    • Technical aspects: CHP, water treatment, biogas, trigeneration
    • Financial aspects: business case analysis

Key accountabilities

Quality of our work is of utmost importance. ENTRAS applies methodologies to foster cross checking and peer review. We apply specific approaches for model set-up which increase the ‘clarity of modelling’ and hence the quality of our work.

At ENTRAS, we are all accountable for quality and we foster a culture where any improvement in quality will be shared and implemented by all team members.

The Business Advisor will be accountable for the projects where (s)he is in the lead. Project lead is attributed based on personal strengths.

As personal strengths are key to our success, every team member is encouraged to integrate her/his strengths in new projects, and so shaping the future course of ENTRAS.

Outcomes and results

  • Creative project solutions
  • Sound analysis
  • Sound risk profiles
  • Documented in reports at executive level (Dutch/English/French)
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget

Knowledge and skills

  • Information processing (mountains of information!)
  • See the big picture
  • Risk assessment via Monte Carlo techniques: applying the techniques and interpretation of results
  • Any of the following: energy, engineering, bio-engineering, financial, economics
  • Open to acquire knowledge in any domain
  • Personal integrity, you live and work according to high ethical standards

ENTRAS offers

  • A highly motivating working environment
  • A participative culture
  • Fostering learning, including personal development
  • High diversity projects, demanding and enriching
  • Support in developing business opportunities

Hiring process

  • Check us out at
  • When you like our approach, please contact or Mobile +32494708474
  • If we like your approach, we’ll schedule a meeting
  • The assessment involves the following elements:
  • Interview(s)
  • On-line personal tests (1 to 2 hours, at your home)
  • 1 or 2 cases. We make an appointment, and we will send you a case at, say, 12:00 and you send us your insights, creative ideas and analysis 6 hours later (at your home, no need to come to us)
  • You will always receive our feedback
  • If feedback is positive, we will discuss all contractual arrangements and then it’s up to you to decide!